Friday, January 13, 2006


My sleep schedule is so awful right now. I will describe last night until right now to illustrate what it is like.

Last night, somewhere between 2.30 and 4.30, I went to sleep.
This morning at 6.40, my alarm went off. I freaked out and hit it.
This morning at 6.45, my alarm went off again. I screamed and growled, and hit it off the table to shut it up.
This morning at 6.50, I got out of bed and realized why my alarm was going off. I was supposed to go to breakfast.
This morning at 6.55, I made a joint decision online to not go to breakfast, and instead sleep more.
This morning around 11, I got up and talked online. Then I went to lunch.
This afternoon around 4, I fell asleep.
This evening around 6.45, I woke up and started making dinner plans.

And now, this night, at 11.53, I am wide awake, with my only recouse being to watch a movie and wait a couple of hours to get tired again.


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