Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

It almost looked like I was going to end up skipping New Year's celebrations like I've skipped other holidays this year, but that ended up not being the case. I got fairly adamant that we all go out and do something, because my sense of time has been all screwed up with having not really had Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, and not much snow to speak of. So Gene, Donny, and I went to this Japanese restaurant in Wudaokou first, and had some tasty sushi. While there, we decided that we'd check out some bars in part of Wudaokou and settle into one of them for our midnight hour. After checking a few places out, we eventually ended up going with the old standby from several months ago, Propaganda.

We found it really funny that we were going there, and thought that if the three of us were going, we should probably reunite with the people who we went with previously. Donny called Jason to see if he wanted to come. We always joke that Jason loves the Propaganda, but we found it to be true. He was supposed to meet other people, but when Donny said we were at Propaganda, he changed his plans and was there within 7 minutes. We also got a hold of Ryan, who came with his girlfriend Luna.

It was getting close to midnight and all of us were dancing. They were playing fairly normal dance music for most of the night, but just a few minutes before 12, a dance remix of Jingle Bells came on. I kid you not. Jingle Bells. People who didn't know what the song was just kept dancing like it was normal, and those of us who did thought it was really strange/funny. Dance Remix Jingle Bells played through the changeover, so I found how I celebrated the New Year to be really entertaining.

I bounced around in a large group of people singing and dancing to Jingle Bells. Ahahaha, leave it to China to make my New Year experience really strange.


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