Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Finals Approaching

Today is my last day of class for the semester. This is at once wonderful and sobering. My first final is on Friday. Then I have a few days until the real block of them starts. I have five finals for four classes. This means I have tests for reading, listening, general grammar, speaking, and memorization-based speaking and reading aloud. I'm less nervous about this series than the midterms. This time I have a good idea of what to expect.

The one thing that will make this time more difficult than the midterms is the fact that the mornings are as dark as the night. It's 8am right now, and the inside of my room looks like it did at 10pm last night. Our finals are supposed to be begin at 8am, so that is kind of unfortunate. Even if I feel like I'm awake at first, I'm going to get groggy from going outside.

Hopefully this illness will completely fade by friday. I've been rather delirious/miserable with this throat infection since it started on Sunday morning, and it's been difficult to concentrate on anything. I think it's letting up, though, judging by the fact that I am now losing my voice. That ends up being a good sign in this infection. So, here's hoping that I'll be back to normal for my tests.


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