Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Recent Lack of Posts

I offer my apologies for the recent lack of posts. I've partially not felt like mentioning anything lately, partially not had time to mention anything, and partially not had the energy to mention anything.

For a short recap of missed events:

Thursday: I went with Donny and Gene to BLCU's annual beauty pageant. We seemed to be the only foreigners there. My language partner told me about it. It was funny to see that instead of falling back on "world peace" as an answer during the interview round, the girls instead used the 2008 Olympics to cover their blunders.


Friday: I got food poisoning from a dented can of milk tea. I realized all of this after the fact when I thought about what I ate during the day. You can say, "Why did you buy a dented can? What were you thinking?" I can tell you that I was thinking that alot of things are dented when you buy them here, that's what. I didn't realize it was milk tea until halfway through drinking it, anyway.

I also went out to dinner with my classmates Friday. I only ate a bowl of rice because of the food poisoning; it would have been impolite for me to not go at all. I got to witness how quickly just a little bit of alcohol affected one of my Thai classmates after a few toasts. I got use new vocabulary for this occasion, actually. "Ganqing you, cha dang jiu," which means, roughly, "Please let me substitute tea for alcohol for this toast."

korean food

I went to sleep around 10pm Friday, and then...

Saturday: I woke up finally at 5.30pm. I was pretty sure the food poisoning was through, so I kept my appointment with Donny, Gene, and Yuko to go out for a while around 10pm.

yuko and donny

I've been feeling sick off and on lately. That's a big part of why I haven't been updating. I know I don't have bird flu, though, because I'm a vegetarian. I'll try to get better, and then get better about keeping this thing updated.


At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were there any incendiary swan floats or people dancing with effigies of Mao?


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