Monday, November 14, 2005

Visa Information

I think that this is awesome. I'm considered an alien resident of China. Do you know what that means? Northwest Airlines visa information does.

"National U.S.A. (US)
Residence CHINA (PEOPLE'S REP.) (CN)
Embarkation U.S.A. (US)
Destination CHINA (PEOPLE'S REP.) (CN)


Passport required.

Visa not required if holding residence permit.

Validity of the residence permit ranges from 1 to 5 years,
provided passport is not expired."

That's right. I get in with just my passport. I wonder if they'll let me go through the Chinese line at border control. That would be so cool. Really, this is kind of awesome for me. I feel like I almost have dual citizenship. I'm going to have to try to be an alien resident of other places my whole life.


At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Lorra said...

I didn't have any problems going to China! It was easy! China is a place to be! It is magic and full of life!


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