Sunday, November 13, 2005

I Got to Use Chinese for Something Useful!

I've been trying to track down plane tickets to the states for my winter break. Originally, I was not going to come home for the whole year, but I recently decided that I really want to visit. So I searched on an amazing website ( for fares originated in Beijing. I was shocked at what I found: roundtrips to Chicago for roughly 700 USD. I couldn't believe it. Andrew was searching from the states, and the best he could find was about 900 USD. The myth of cheap plane tickets in China was true!

The deal with the fare was that either I or a travel agent had to contact Northwest to purchase the tickets. I tried, but the only fare they'd give me was 925 USD. Then I called a travel agent. She still hasn't gotten back to me. So today I decided that since I had some free time I'd look on my own again. I took a chance on Northwest's Chinese site. I searched in Chinese, read fare rules in Chinese, found my itinerary in Chinese, and started the purchasing process in Chinese. I understood everything. I couldn't believe it.

I also didn't really trust myself, so I was planning to have either Jenny or James look it over for me. I had to get it done quickly, though, because I saw in the fare rules that this fare was ending at midnight tonight. Then I saw at the top of the page that there was an English version of the site. That option wasn't available on the main page, I don't think. So I clicked and double-checked to make sure I understood everything. It turns out that I was right about everything; so, I bought the ticket.

I'm going to be in the states from February 8 until the morning of February 24. I'm excited! Not only do I get to visit home, but I just had confirmed that I know alot more Chinese than I thought I did.


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