Wednesday, November 09, 2005

119! Fire Precautions!

A man who I assume works in my dorm came to my door today to give me a paper about fire prevention. While it's a good idea to have everyone aware of danger, perhaps they could not hang long, flammable curtains that hang onto the radiators in our rooms. Anyway, the English version of what he handed me went as follows:

Dear interational students,
The winter is coming and it is becoming less rainy, and drier, therefore a little carelessness may cause first. December 9th is the legal day in China for fire precaustion, so we call your attention to the following:
1. To use the qualified wires, plugs, and sockets, and high-powered electric appliance is not allowed in the dormitory. do remember to tru noff the power before leaving the room;
2. No depositing the flammable, explosive and virulent substances in the dormitory;
3. Take care when smoking or lighting candles;
4. No destroying or moving the fire facilities.
Best wishes!
-Department of International Students

So, how big of a problem are fires here? This is something I've been wondering for a while now. I lie in my bed and wonder what I'm going to do when my curtains catch fire. What would I take? The obvious answer is my computer. The computer is my photo album, and I'm definitely a person who would grab that first in a fire. I guess if I had time, I'd probably grab my passport, too. Who am I kidding? I'd probably go for my camera first.

P.S. The 119 in the title is the phone number for emergencies.


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