Wednesday, December 07, 2005


There's no snow here yet. That makes it very confusing for my body to go outside. I can look out my window in the morning, see sun, not see snow, and think that it's a relatively nice day. I'm tired, so I might not remember exactly how cold it was the previous day. I still bundle up just the same, though, and then head outside into the wind tunnel that awaits me. The wind on the 5cm patch of exposed skin on my face is always shocked.

Donny, Gene, and I went to buy train tickets today. We ended up not purchasing any because we saw a sign that said they're only available 20 days in advance. We have to go back at the end of the month. Because we took such a long subway ride to the rail station, we decided to walk around a bit, even in the bitter cold wind.

This is what Beijing looks like right now.

my vision of beijing

This is Wudaokou, the area my school is really close to. I spend alot of time here, and I think that it's the place I'll think of first when I think of Beijing in the coming years. Click on the picture for a large version. You can check out the traffic situation. It's pretty awesome. Again, if anyone has an video hosting sites they know of that I'll be able to access through this block, let me know. I'll put up some video. I was very upset when I found out I couldn't use Vimeo from here. It's a great site, by the way. Check it out.

beijing train station at sunset

This is the Beijing train station, with Donny and Gene standing in front like tourists.

outside beijing train station

This is outside the train station in a square. I think that's a pretty area over there. The architecture is great.


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