Sunday, October 30, 2005

An Awesome Breakfast/Lunch

I had a late breakfast today, but it was worth every minute's wait. I had what was probably the best meal I've had since arriving in China. Donny and I went over to the 24-hour rice porridge place in Wudaokou. We had passed this place innumerable times, commenting several of those times that we'd like to go try it out. Last night, my friend Jenny mentioned to me how good it was, so I decided that I needed to go soon. I wasted no time.

The first thing they brought me today was a pumpkin and lily bulb porridge. It was thick and lightly sweetened. The pumpkin was cooked to the perfect consistency - it was soft, but not a mush. I had never had lily bulbs before. They were really good. They're crisp and have a subtle flower taste. They were fresh and watery. So good.

potato and lily bulb sweet porridge

Then we got a filled bread dish. I wish I knew what this was called. The bread was kind of pastry-like, but not exactly. Regardless, it was encasing a wonderful treat - eggplant, leek, and egg. I always get egg and leek dumplings at a nearby restaurant, so this dish sounded good. And indeed, it was good.


(the filling)

The biggest treat of all was the last thing they brought to the table. Donny mentioned these steamed milk buns he ate in Qingdao last summer, and as I'm always up for bready things, we ordered some. On the outside, they look like regular steamed bread. Once I bit into one, however, I was instantly aware that these were no ordinary carbohydrate bundles. They were sweet and fluffy.

steamed milk buns

Then I got to the filling! It was sweet, creamy, and thick. Ah, I can't begin to describe what it tasted like, other than amazing. I can't think of anything to compare them to. All I know is that I want to go back to that restaurant right now and eat more of them.

steamed milk bun filling

Mmm Chinese food.


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