Thursday, October 13, 2005

Attack of the Insurance Posters

Around campus are very large posters for an insurance company that show gruesome accident scenes. They are definitely there for shock value. You definitely wouldn't see these in the states. There are photos of dead, bloodied people sprawled across streets next to turned-over, wrecked cars. There are others still of seriously ill people being pushed through crowds, burn victims, and basically any other kinds of human suffering that would make you sick to your stomach. The first day we all saw these, I think it's fair to say that we were taken aback. It's just become part of the scenery, though, and now it doesn't really phase me or anyone else.

However, this morning brought some new activity with the signs. Donny and I were walking out of the building to go to breakfast, talking groggily and shuffling along. As we stepped onto the ramp outside the door, we both stopped talking and froze. In a split second, I saw something huge in the corner of my eye, and it was flying. I watched as one of these huge signs flew past us, slammed into a bicycle in front of us, and with a loud crash, knocked the bicycle to the ground.

attack of the insurance posters

I stood there wide-eyed for a second or so. That definitely took me out of the fog of recently awakening. We both started laughing and headed to breakfast. "I think we need accident insurance for those signs," I said. I don't know how the wind picked that thing up. I went back to the scene of the incident later and lifted the sign. It's fairly heavy. It must have been possessed or something. Hehe. The photo above is of another scene. It must have happened several times throughout the day.

I found it interesting, though, that all of the signs were gone today. Those crazy monsters must have escaped the main drag inside the South Gate to wreak havoc. I can only hope that my classmates were safe. Pu Yuzi (Yuko) and Mei Xianghua weren't in class today. Hopefully they were not casualities to the advertisement rampage.


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