Sunday, September 04, 2005

Laundry Issues

I haven’t seen anyone on my floor use the washing machine. As far as I can tell, it’s free. To me, this means that something must be wrong with it. I’ve seen people washing their clothes by hand every day. I think on this one, I’m going to follow the crowd and wash by hand, too. We already have to hang up our clothes on lines because electricity-sucking dryers aren’t available. What’s an extra step of hand washing, really?

A few of my friends are coming to the time for laundry. I went with them to a store today after lunch for supply purchasing. None of could read the labels for the detergent. We knew that getting one with a fabric softener would be best for having clothes that aren’t like cardboard after baking in the sun to dry. We had no luck finding anything, though, because we don’t know the word(s) for softener. Some kind of Tide detergent was the prevailing choice amongst my friends.

One friend just instant messaged me, though, to tell me that the instructions on his bag of soap tell him to find a household soupspoon and measure the amount with that. For some reason, this makes me laugh a lot.


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