Friday, September 02, 2005

Class Update

I went to room 1018 this morning at 8.30 to take a different test for placement. I found out when arrived that they had made similar deals for many people. I got shuffled to another line, though, and eventually had to find my name on a posted piece of paper. After finding it, I had to take the number written at the top and find the person attending the table that housed the number. Mine was 46, and the woman at that table handed me a slip of paper telling me to be in classroom 516 at 9.30.

I thought it was for the test, but in fact, it was my first day of class. They just put us into classes. Granted, the class was higher than my placement test indicated that I should be in. After looking through the book, though, and talking in class, I decided that I would probably need to move up one more class. I talked to my teacher after class, and she had me come look at the textbook for the next course up. That book seems perfect.

I let her know, and she said that I should come to class on Monday, just to make sure the class is too easy. When it does turn out to be, she said that she will come to the office with me to switch me to the next level. The next level seems perfectly suited toward my current knowledge of Chinese. I think this process is going to go smoothly. The teacher seemed very nice. I almost hate to change classes.

Luckily today in class I felt like I really fit in. This had nothing to do with my Chinese, and everything to do with the fact that I bought a pencil bag yesterday and fine-tipped pens to fill it with. I walked into class with my supplies today, and set them down on the desk proudly. I was so ready for class.

The kit includes two black pens, one blue pen, one pencil, one eraser, a case of 30 lead, and the pencil bag.


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Indeed, you are so ready for class. I love the green pencil bag. I think you'll be fine, now.

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