Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Low Pollution Index Day!

Hurray! The sky is blue, the humidity has lifted, and a cool breeze is blowing through Beijing. It’s a low pollution index day! The greenhouse effect has been diminished, and there is actually direct sunlight. When I walked into the hallway today around 10.30am, I thought it felt awfully cool. I walked onto the balcony and thought the season had changed overnight. It’s such a beautiful day. I love life without pollution.

I studied outside today so as to take advantage of the clarity of sight that the day afforded me. I can actually see the skyline! But anyway, while studying, I was approached with my third job offer since I’ve arrived here, and the second of the two modeling jobs I’ve been offered. Everybody wants a foreign model. While this particular agency seemed legitimate (unlike the first) I am still suspicious. Nevertheless, I am still humoring the scouts. The one today seemed so nervous to talk to me that I couldn’t help but be extremely nice to him. His hands were shaking when he tried to take the pictures.

Perhaps instead of hiring me as a model, these agencies should hire me as a photographer or scout. I realize that it wouldn’t achieve their implied purpose of getting foreign faces in product advertisement, but nervous people like the guy today aren’t going to help them too much, either. I’m confident that I could do what that guy did today much better than he did.

I think it’s funny that if I’m outside for more than 30 minutes and not moving around too much, I get approached with a job offer. This has been consistent so far. I’m so suspicious of people. I keep giving out fake contact information. I think I’m just being safe, though. I’ve never lived here before. How am I supposed to know what is legitimate and what is a way to unwittingly find myself in the middle of a drug trafficking ring? Alright, that’s a little extreme, but my point still remains.

However, if I can find an opportunity that I can verify, you may soon be seeing a digital photo of my face on a pack of Happy Cat hangers.


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