Thursday, August 25, 2005


In 15 minutes, I'll be leaving my house to go to O'Hare Airport. I fly from there at noon. I'll stop in Detroit, then Tokyo, then finally Beijing. I can't really believe that this is today (and tomorrow. Growl.). Some part of me feels really unprepared, but I don't think I could have changed that with any extension of time.

When I started planning this trip in my head two years ago, I never factored in the sadness that may come with leaving for such an exciting kind of adventure. I always pictured myself confident and happy, reassuring my parents at the gate, and walking through security in some kind of triumphant, reaffirming display of my independence. Instead what has come of this is the true realization that a year is, in fact, a very long time, and it is difficult to leave behind people that I care about. I think this is a healthy thing for me actually, and I would rather be sad now than cold and obliviously alone as a result.

So many people are supporting this move for me, and I really appreciate that kind of moral support. I think my first month in Beijing may be difficult for me, and knowing that I'm in the thoughts of people who know me and care about me should help to get me through the adjustment period.

So, here I go.


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