Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I received an email from Ning today which answered questions I had asked her about banking. She told me that there is no personal checking in China, so I will only be able to have a savings account. With the savings account, she said that you normally get an account book that has your name, account number, and balance printed in it. Everytime you make a transaction in the bank, it gets recorded in the book. She also said that you may get a plastic card that functions as a debit. I would be able to use that at large stores and ATMs. She said, however, that at some banks, you have to choose between the account book and the ATM. Honestly, I may just choose the account book. I don't know yet. It would be nice to have a hard copy of the amount of money I have in the bank.

She suggests bringing alot of documentation of my identity. I would agree with that suggestion. It seems like good sense to bring my passport, visa forms, international student identity card (ISIC!), driver's license, and perhaps some baby pictures. Okay, just kidding on the last one. Who knows, though? I know I'm going to get confused trying to open an account, but I'm glad I have some idea of how it works now. Ning has been so helpful.

She suggested that I look into Bank of China, Bank of Beijing, Citic Industrial Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Bank of China and Citic Industrial are apparently the ones I would want if I need to have foreign transactions. She said that she thinks there are branches on campus of those. I think I'll probably go with Bank of China. Granted, I don't really have a reason why, except for the name. I'll be rational and check it out while I'm there.

Today is Tuesday. I'm at my parents' house. Thursday is the big day. I have a few more errandy things to do tomorrow, and then I'm out of here. Wow.


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