Friday, July 07, 2006

Exams Are Over!

Today was my last exam. It can only be described as brutal. It was the one for my reading class, and did I ever get more than I bargained for. The first part of the exam was the fast reading section. For that section, we were given 15 minutes to go through 7 pages, reading and answering questions, and then it was taken away. The second section was handed out following that, and we were given about an hour and a half to finish the remaining 18 pages of the test. Granted, reading comprehension wasn't my strongest suit when I was taking English tests as a child, but wow. I thought I might have improved at least a little. Apparently reading comprehension is my weak suit in language.

Regardless of that how absurd the test may or may not have been, it's all over! I don't have to take any more tests. My friends and I are going to go out to celebrate tonight. I probably shouldn't because I'm not over my cold yet, but I don't care. Today marks an amazing day for me - I got through a year of Chinese school and exams. That makes me very happy.

In the coming days, I'll be buying a ticket for Inner Mongolia (Nei menggu) so I can hang out in the grasslands and the desert, living in a Yurt and traveling on camels, so long as I'm not allergic to them as my mother believes I might be. (Don't worry, I'll bring Benadryl.). I'm looking to dancing around a giant bonfire with the people who live there, and of course to taking tons of photos.

And once more for good measure...

Yay! Exams are over!!!


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