Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More about Sandstorms

Apparently there's worldwide coverage of this year's sandstorms. I can see why. They're pretty bad. I forgot to mention before some hearsay I heard: on the first night of the sandstorms, a train traveling in China had its windows blown out. The passengers all huddled together waiting for the storm to stop. I bet that was completely terrifying.

Today, I read a bit from a Yahoo news article my dad sent me. Joe McDonald writes:

BEIJING - Beijing will use artificial rainmaking to clear the air after a choking dust storm coated China's capital and beyond with yellow grit, prompting a health warning to keep children indoors, state media said Tuesday.

Read more here.

I'm without a doubt wearing my sick mask now. I'd say about half of the people I see on the street have them on now, too. I'm reminded of another time when a massive amount of people were wearing sick masks in Beijing. That time is the time of SARS. I hadn't thought about SARS in a while, but today in the building I have grammar class, I looked at announcements behind a glass window. I found a particularly interesting one from 2003. The basic gist of it was that 4 deaths from SARS had occured in Beijing thus far, but everyone could be assured that the campus of BLCU was safe and sanitized. What a time it would have been to be here. All I have to deal with is sandstorms.


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