Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why Am I Surprised?

I just went to take a shower. I've been doing the morning shower thing recently because I found that it helps to wake me up in the morning. When I turned the handle for how water, however, nothing came out. Not a drop. There wasn't even cold water in place of the hot. If this is what happens when someone uses all of the hot water, I think it's going to ultimately mean that someone is getting beat up by an angry little American girl next time.

Fine, BLCU. That's just fine. You want me to be dirty. Don't think I don't understand your tricks. You know that I'm not going to jar my muscles with freezing water in the morning. That makes it feel like I have a never ending supply of lactic acid flowing through them. I commend you, really. You were going to get to laugh at my expense either way - unhappy muscles or filth. That's great. Really. I'm laughing right along with you.


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