Sunday, September 25, 2005

Killing Spree

Number of deaths: 4 and rising.
Approximate time of deaths: 5.30am-5.50am
Location: the dorm room of BLCU student, Hillary Demmon. Alias: Ding Mei.
Suspect: Hillary Demmon.
Motive: self-defense.

Crime scene report:

After examing streaks of blood encased in dirt on two walls of the dorm room, it is apparent that the suspect chased the moquitoes and smashed them upon capture. One stray blood streak was found three inches above the bed of the suspect. This mosquito was likely smashed by a cloth-based object. Yet another streak was found on the spare sheets of the subject. The same, or similar, weapon was likely used to kill this mosquito.

The suspect was in an unstable condition during questioning. She held her arms around her torso and continuously looked towards the ceiling. The suspect was exhibiting many stress patterns, and was unable to keep eye contact for a sustained period. Her eyes, rather, darted back and forth through most of the questioning.

The suspect reported that from the time she went to bed, circa 3.10am, she could hear buzzing near her head. The suspect said that she placed a blanket over her head to avoid bites from the mosquitoes in the room. Four times throughout the night, the suspect allegedly heard the same buzzing and swatted away mosquitoes. Around 5.30am, the suspect reports that she again heard buzzing and turned on the light to investigate its source.

Around her bed she reports to have found four mosquitoes. The suspect was visibly agitated when questioned about her subsequent actions.

"Yeah I killed the bastards! What do you expect me to do? They've been biting me every night, and I stalked down every one of them. Doesn't a girl have the right to protect herself and her living space? Those bugs had it in for me, and if the dorm office isn't going to take care of them, I'm going to take matters into my own hands."

The suspect is currently being detained overnight for observation. Her sleeping patterns appear disrupted. Psychological assessment may follow, contingent on the results of overnight observation.


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